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Vol 31, No 2B (2010) Use of selected extraction, transformation, and loading data mechanism for simulation of management system in SQL Server Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Paweł Buchwald
Vol 30, No 2B (2009) Use of the FIPA standard for M3 – open multi-commodity market model Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Piotr Pałka, Mariusz Kaleta, Eugeniusz Toczydłowski, Tomasz Traczyk
Vol 31, No 1 (2010) Useful efficiency in cyclic transactions of Profinet IO Abstract   PDF
Piotr Gaj, Błażej Kwiecień
Vol 30, No 2B (2009) User algorithms implementation at the Business Intelligence SQL Server 2008 platform Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Kacper Pabjańczyk, Adam Pelikant
Vol 38, No 1B (2017) Using cognitive architecture and communication grammar in POLSEM-2, the semantic analyzer of polish Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Nina Suszczańska, Przemysław Szmal
Vol 37, No 1 (2016) Using contextual conditional preferences for recommendation tasks: a case study in the movie domain Abstract   PDF
Aleksandra Karpus, Tommaso di Noia, Paolo Tomeo, Krzysztof Goczyła
Vol 31, No 2A (2010) Using data stream management systems in real-time system Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Marcin Mulka
Vol 35, No 2 (2014) Using data stream management systems in the design of monitoring system for flood embankments Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Adam Piórkowski, Andrzej Leśniak
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Using Fourier transform in sound steganography Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Grzegorz Kozieł
Vol 36, No 3 (2015) Using gesture and voice commands for the tribot robot control Abstract   PDF
Piotr Czekalski, Marcin Golenia, Łukasz Lipka, Krzysztof Tokarz
Vol 33, No 2B (2012) Using GPS technology and augmented reality in an intelligent presentation system bus schedules Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Tomasz Szymczyk, Mateusz Świetlicki, Paweł Zieliński
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Using language network for text document reprezentation Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Jakub Cieślewicz, Adam Pelikant
Vol 32, No 4A (2011) Using machine learning approach for protein fold recognition Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Stąpor
Vol 34, No 2B (2013) Using mathematical morphology methods in the process of generalization in spatial databases Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Michał Lupa, Wojciech Sarlej, Adam Piórkowski, Artur Krawczyk
Vol 33, No 2A (2012) Using Neo4j graph database in social network analysis Abstract   PDF
Łukasz Warchał
Vol 34, No 2A (2013) Using object database as a cache for relational database - performance and usage considerations Abstract   PDF
Ewa Płuciennik-Psota, Tomasz Płuciennik
Vol 37, No 1 (2016) Using SSA optimization algorithm in virtual machine environments Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Szczepan Kras, Adam Piórkowski
Vol 35, No 4 (2014) Using tabu search for feature selection in discriminant analysis Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Stąpor
Vol 34, No 4 (2013) Valuation and approximation of information technology projects Abstract   PDF
Janusz Andrzej Pomykała
Vol 37, No 1 (2016) Verification of security protocols including delays in the network Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Sabina Szymoniak
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Verification of the search space exploration strategy based on the solutions of the join ordering problem Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Daniel Kostrzewa, Henryk Josiński
Vol 38, No 3 (2017) Video-based target tracking system with centralized and decentralized decision strategy Abstract   PDF
Marcin Bernaś, Leszek Latusek, Bartłomiej Płaczek
Vol 33, No 2B (2012) Virtual city generation for GIS systems testing Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Płuciennik
Vol 33, No 2B (2012) Virtual hand modeling for gesture recognition Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Koszowski, Michał Kawulok
Vol 32, No 1A (2011) Virtual object lighting in augmented reality with using high dynamic range images Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Przemysław Pardel
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Visual comparison of clustering gene ontology with different similarity measures Abstract   PDF
Michał Kozielski, Aleksandra Gruca
Vol 32, No 4B (2011): Visual design with the use of hierarchical hypergraphs Visual design with the use of hierarchical hypergraphs Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Grażyna Ślusarczyk
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Visualisation of inference in rule knowledge bases using Petri nets Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Roman Simiński, Sebastian Janus
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Visualisation of optimal alignment algorithms of nucleotide and protein sequences Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Adam Skowron, Dariusz Mrozek
Vol 30, No 3A (2009) Visualisation of XML data Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Krzysztof Dobosz, Andrzej Hefczyc
Vol 33, No 2A (2012) Warehouse of processes Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Grzegorz Bliźniuk, Mariusz Chmielewski, Tomasz Gzik, Jarosław Koszela
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Wavelet support vector machines and multi-elitist particle swarm optimization for time series forecasting Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Martyna
Vol 26, No 4 (2005) Wavelet-based multiresolution analysis of surface meshes Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Agnieszka Szczęsna
Vol 24, No 4 (2003) Wavelets with application to the image processing Abstract
Alina Momot
Vol 32, No 2B (2011) Web and mobile applications as a source of biomedical data Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Maciej Laskowski
Vol 32, No 2A (2011) Web pages classification using boosting algorithm Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Tomasz Gąciarz, Krzysztof Czajkowski, Maciej Niebylski, Ryszard Szawernoga
Vol 30, No 2B (2009) WEB traffic monitoring system implementation based on stream management system Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Artur Wilczek, Karol Woźniak
Vol 36, No 1 (2015) WebMES – web services project for the implementation of engineers' simulations Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Piotr Jeruszka
Vol 29, No 1 (2008) Widely distributed stream processing network Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Marcin Gorawski, Wojciech Kołodziej
Vol 34, No 4 (2013) Wireless data transmission system between single-chip microcomputers with low processing power Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Rafał Oziębło, Marcin Wierzchanowski
Vol 30, No 2B (2009) WML language and databases Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Radosław Matusik
Vol 29, No 4B (2008) Worldwide component based automation systems on PROFINET CBA network example Abstract   PDF
Markus Bregulla, Rafał Cupek, Marcin Fojcik
Vol 24, No 4 (2003) WP- Komunikator - XML based instant messenger Abstract
Witold Pytlik
Vol 33, No 2B (2012) XML tools application to create mathematical optimization models Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Piotr Pałka
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