Heterogeneous Virtual Disks in VMware ESXi Environments

Zygmunt Bok


This article presents the concept of heterogeneous virtual disks, outstretched hands in the mass storage SAN and NAS type collection, work with virtual machines in VMWARE ESXi, on the example of the portion of the specialized hospital System of indirect Radiography "Synapse" FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc., which is used in Specialized Hospital named Prof. E. Michalowski MEDHOLDING S.A., for the collection and presentation of the rentgenograms (x-ray) and tomographs (TK). On the basis of this concept, it has been shown that it is possible to extend the virtual disk from "Synapse" system to form a heterogeneous virtual disk and to ensure the proper functioning of the system in a situation a steady supply of new rent­genograms (x-ray) and tomographs.

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