Power management and sensors handling on the autonomous mobile

Paweł Rybka, Krzysztof Wosik, Łukasz Szczepański, Adam Ziębiński, Rafał Cupek, Roman Wyżgolik, Sebastian Budzan


Day-to-day everywhere in the world grows a tendency automate various areas of our everyday life. For many recent years worldwide companies compete with each other in developing a conception of fully automated, autonomous car. Such idea is now being analyzed and investigated by scientists at universities and engineers from automotive companies. This article describes a part of AutoUniMo project concerning importance and usage of different sensor modules in design and construction of autonomous mobile platform based on the Raspberry Pi with Linux operating system. The project consists of following modules – accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, wheel encoder and dedicated Raspberry Pi HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) for power management.


Raspberry; sensors; accelerometer; gyroscope; magnetometer; encoder; power management

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