Permanent capture of graphical user interface elements

Przemysław Kudłacik, Tomasz Wesołowski


Paper presents a mechanism of collecting data of graphical user interface elements pointed by user as well as method of searching based on collected data. The mechanism was called a permanent capture of GUI elements because it allows to find pointed element independently on application’s instance. Task implementation assumed usage of API functions available in Windows operating system without additional, external libraries. Solution was tested with Windows applications as well as .NET and Java platforms.


interface; GUI; Graphical User Interface; Windows; Java; graphic interface

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Microsoft(r) Corporation: Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference, 1996.

Kudłacik P.: Aplikacja wspomagająca pracę laboratorium analitycznego w zakresie raportowania i komunikacji z urządzeniem laboratoryjnym. Praca dyplomowa magisterska (prowadzący D. R. Augustyn), Politechnika Śląska, Gliwice 2004