Deployment and upgrade management of dependent systems in corporate environments

Łukasz Wyciślik


The article presents problems of deployment and upgrade processes in complex, corporate computing systems. Building computer systems according to contemporary trends in a software architecture leads to a situation where there is a need to deploy and upgrade multiple modules in an execution environment that to deliver their functional requirements must cooperate with each other. Since each of these modules can be covered by different lifecycle and the whole system is a subject of continuous functional development, there is the risk of system failure resulting from the incorrect deployment, configuration and upgrading individual modules. The author of the article explains why the above-mentioned problems are especially vulnerable to systems created today. Later in the paper a general model of the relationship between the modules which form part of complex enterprise systems is presented. Exemplary implementation of this model, allowing to automate the process of deploying and upgrading modules with preservation of intermodular dependencies has been proposed with the help of NSIS system.


corporate systems; system versioning; application deployment; application upgrade; NSIS; Oracle

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Oracle Database Client Installation Guide, November 2005.

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