Object (not only) relational interfaces

Ewa Płuciennik-Psota


NoSQL databases boldly step into the area reserved so far for relational databases. NoSQL databases are more flexible than relational ones at cost of some disadvantages related especially with security and integrity constraints. The most convenient way to access a relational database in modern object applications are object-relational mapping tools. It turns out that some of these tools offer mappings to broad spectrum of NoSQL and object databases and text files. The aim of this article is to present this kind of tools and answer the question if they are really universal i.e. if they allow to persist, in any form, the same object entity as defined at the level of an object application.


object application; relational database; NoSQL database; object database; object-relational mapping; impedance mismatch; polyglot persistence; JPA; JDO; DataNucleus; Hibernate Object/Grid Mapper

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21936/si2013_v34.n2A.27