Using object database as a cache for relational database - performance and usage considerations

Ewa Płuciennik-Psota, Tomasz Płuciennik


Every non trivial application cooperates with database, usually of relational type. In most cases this cooperation decreases the performance. The fastest, but not too handy, way to access a relational data from an object application is SQL. As alternative one can use object-relational mapping and/or object or NoSQL database. Object database paradigm is the same as object application uses. This makes it possible to avoid characteristic concept dualism (so called impedance mismatch) and resulting from this need to transform relations into objects and vice versa. This article presents an attempt to use ORM and object database to increase performance of accessing relational database.


object application; relational database; object database; impedance mismatch; object relational mapping; caching; JPA; Hibernate; db4objects; data replication system

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