Relational and non-relational database efficiency comparision with DNA microarray data storing

Damian Zapart, Tomasz Waller, Magdalena Tkacz


The paper compares the efficiency of two versions of database management systems from the possibility of using them in storing data from DNA microarray point of view. In comparative analysis 3 methods of storing data were taken into account: basing on non-relational model (noSQL) and the method of storing microarray data according to the relational model called entity-attribute-value. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 system was used to implementation of relational database. Implementation of non-relational database was performed in Raven DB. Evaluation of efficiency of each of the method of storing data was based on CPU sampling using Micrisoft Visual Studio Profiler.


relational database; non-relational database; entity-attribute-value model; Microsoft SQL Server; Raven DB; NoSQL; DNA microarrays

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